Research Areas


Blood and cardiovascular diseases are the underlying cause of ~50% of all disease-related deaths in the US. Center researchers have developed several promising compounds as anticoagulants and antisickling agents. The following are some highlights.

  • Four molecules (SPGG, SCI, SMI and SG-09) identified as preventing thrombosis at 25 – 250 g per mouse (1.25–12.5 mg/kg) dose as selective (>200-fold selectivity) factor XIa targeting anticoagulants through an allosteric inhibition mechanism ... Umesh Desai
  • Allosteric modifiers of hemoglobin with nitric oxide releasing ability, which can increase both erythrocyte mobility and tissue oxygen and have potential application in stroke, myocardial infraction, and vasoconstriction prevention ... Martin Safo
  • Structure-function studies of hemoglobin and rational design of antisickling agents to treat sickle cell disease; Two drugs have been developed, one currently in phase II clinical study, and the other preclinical study ...  Martin Safo